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Ltd. Foshan Lianwan Hardware Co.

We are a professional manufacturer of upholstery decorative nails, tacks and nail strips for furniture or sofa. They are widely used for trim the sofa or for decorations. We have more than 200 different styles of decorative nails and nails trips.

Foshan Lianwan Hardware Co.,Ltd.(Lwnails) is one of a leading manufacturer and exporter of funiture & leather sofa parts and accessories. Locates at Nanhai, Foshan city of Guangdong Province who has own factory established in early 1998. Surrounding area which is famous for its high quality products and diversification, on time delivery and after-sales service. By now we have nearly 10 years experience of manufacturing furniture & sofa upholstery decorative nails/tacks and nail strips. Our monthly productivity reach more than 25,000,000 pieces. Including: 1. Dome Plain Head Upholystery Nails. 2. French Natural Upholstery Decorative Nails. 3. "Z" Finish Decorative Nails. 4. Hammered Head Sofa Nails. 5. Fancy Head Decorative Nails 6. Daisy Oxford Head Nails 7. Upholstery Nail Trim/Nail Strips. 8. Square Decorative Nails. We have more than 150 styles of different sizes and colors nails for your choice of any above items. We have more than 80 sets punching machine and more than 200 workers. That is ensure our productivity and quality control. Our professional export team will offer you the best service, our experience and skilled workers can satisfy you with final products which you wanted. Our Mission: Our mission is to be premier supplier of quality decorative nails in the world at the best price with total reliability and and confidence. To Our Customers: It is our pledge and solemn determination to meet your needs in the most expedient way with the best quality/price, sincerely every time.

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Country: China
City: Foshan
Address: Donglian Development, Jinsha Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China. 528200
Phone: +86 (153) 387-285-66
Fax: +86 (757) 866-176-67
E-mail: decorativenails@gmail.com
URL address:
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